8754427053_b46e422298_zGet ready for the giddy times ahead with a selection of DC Shorts’ favorite comedy films — and live performances by the area’s top stand-up comics!

Each 90-minute show combines film and live performance for a spectacular and lighthearted evening. Check below to see what films will be playing and who will be performing their latest comedy routines.

Arrive early and enjoy the LAUGHS BAR in the Heritage Center lobby. And make sure to grab an extra drink for the show.

This is the perfect opportunity to catch films you might have missed from past years — and whet your appetite for the DC Shorts Film Festival in September.

Schedule of Events

Two shows, both showing two nights:
Show A – Fri, January 9 at 7:30pm or Sat, January 10 at 9:30pm (Same films both screenings) Buy Tickets
Show B – Fri, January 9 at 9:30pm or Sat, January 10 at 7:30pm (Same films both screenings) Buy Tickets

Show A - Friday, Jan 9 @ 7:30pm and Saturday, Jan 10 @ 9:30pm Buy Tickets


8 minutes, Spain

Writing a school report about your father’s occupation can be a challenge — especially when his work is disturbing.

Ike Interviews God

9 minutes, USA

Following centuries of anticipation, the world’s most ordinary man is selected to be the first person to interview God.

5 Ways to Die

13 minutes, Cyrus

Depressed and unsatisfied, a husband attempts several acts of suicide only to find a more ideal resolution.

A Day in the Life of a Bathroom Mirror

9 minutes, United Kingdom

An ordinary bathroom mirror gives a whole new take on the idea of being on the outside, looking in.


8 minutes, United Kingdom

Joe Maggard, one of the nine official Ronald McDonalds, still dons make up and costume despite not being employed by the fast food chain.

Mr. Bear

14 minutes, Spain

After years of being kicked around by life, Steve comes alive when faced with the challenge of dismembering corpses.

Je T’aime

10 minutes, Finland

Brow-beaten by a high-strung girlfriend, a man sheds his chains and declares his love for an unlikely subject.

Show B - Friday, Jan 9 @ 9:30pm and Saturday, Jan 10 @ 7:30pm Buy Tickets

A Stitch in Time (for $9.99)

13 minutes, USA

Set on finding out if her coworker likes her, Laura visits the discount time travel lab to get a peek at her future.

Silence Is Golden

3 minutes, Australia

After a series of bad dates, a woman decides she’s happier on her own.


9 minutes, USA

When a father and son hit the tennis court for some friendly competition, things soon take a serious turn.


15 minutes, Spain

Once a pair of lonely bartenders begin fantasizing about time travelers, they soon find themselves attempting to communicate with one.

The Toaster

14 minutes, Canada

Brotherly love takes a whole new meaning when an older sibling is caught contemplating suicide.

Down In Flames: The True Story of Tony “Volcano” Valenci

29 minutes, USA

Tony “Volcano” Valenci, a renowned fire eater, plans to shock the world by attempting the impossible: blowing fire while skydiving.

The Comedians

Reggie Melbrough

Reggie is a stand up comedian, storyteller, US History teacher, and a former college football player. He has been featured on PBS, the Washington Post, CBS, and was the subject of the mini-documentary "Stand-up and Deliver" by Bicycle Space. He has worked with top comedic talent in numerous clubs, theaters and bar shows across the country and also co-produces DC’s longest-running comedy showcase entitled Don’t Block The Box.

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Franqi French

Franqi is a talented standup comic who perfectly balances her brash wit with a refreshing point of view. Ms. French has performed locally at the Wits End, Capitol Fringe and the DC Improv. She competed against 48 other comedians in the District Comedy's March Madness contest and was crowned the 2014 winner. You can find her every Sunday from 8-10 pm on Just Jokes Radio through LiveStream.

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Randolph Terrance

Originally from San Antonio, Randolph is a consummate professional comedian with the ability to make any group of people laugh. His universal appeal brings insight and poise to every show he performs. Randolph's style has been said to be "strictly for the grown and sexy" pairing a smooth delivery with sharp, funny material.

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Sara Armour

Sara recently performed in Comedy Central's New York Comedy Festival and hosts a monthly show at Gotham Comedy Club. In 2013 she was voted runner up for best comedian in DC (but the winner campaigned so she considers it a win since she didn't even know it was a thing). She also works as a life & creativity coach working with groups and 1:1 clients around the country. 

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Rahmein Mostafavi

Addressing heavy social and political topics with brilliant satire along with hilarious observational comedy and character voices, actor/comedian, Rahmein overcomes every crowd with charm, comic timing, and charisma.

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David Miller

David grew up in Upper Marlboro and lives in Washington, DC. He’s a statistician at the Consumer Product Safety Commission and began doing comedy in 2008. He won the 2012 Funniest Fed Contest in the experienced category and his dream is to someday write a joke so funny it wins a Nobel prize.

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iViI_AjqBhBYlZ55Super Weekend Pass:
DC Shorts LAUGHS + Elvis Birthday Fight Club!

Two of DC’s craziest events are happening over the same weekend — so why make a choice — and see both! Your single $30 pass gets you tickets to the Friday 8:00pm show of Elvis Birthday Fight Cub and the Saturday 7:30 show of DC Shorts LAUGHS! — and you save $10 in the process!

Elvis’ Birthday Fight Club comes out swingin’ for a fifth year of flim‐flam fisticuffs. This theatrical production includes six rounds of ridiculous bouts from Elvis‐themed burlesque performances and contests. While the 2015 fight card is top secret, past matches have included Godzilla vs. Bridezilla, “Diane Rehm” vs. “Steven Hawking,” Congress vs. Clown, and “Putin” vs. Unicorn.

Find tickets by choosing the 1/10 7:30 show and selecting the Super Weekend Pass.


U.S Navy Memorial Heritage Center — Burke Theater

701 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC

In the heart of Penn Quarter, the U.S. Navy Memorial Heritage Center’s 240-seat theater inside the center offers pristine HD projection and unparalleled sound.

The U. S. Navy Memorial is located above the Archives/Penn Quarter Metro station. Exit the station, turn right and follow the curve of the sidewalk until you see the entrance. You must enter from the Plaza — there is no access from the 7th Street entrance.


While there is garage parking nearby, we recommend checking for the closing time — some lots shut down before the last show will end (11:30pm). Limited metered street parking is available.

There is a Capital Bikeshare rack a block away from the theater.